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Cannot cancel the subscription

I am not able to cancel my currenct subscription and I don’t want it to be charged after 7 days. Please help as what needs to be done.

WORST application ever!

Do NOT waste your money on this useless application, it never connects and won’t work at all. I tried different things and was not able to get a decent VPN connection, this is the worst application I have ever tried. I should have listened to the bad reviews this one has.

I feel so good.

I just want to try it. But did not think it was much easier to use than I thought. I think this VPN software really can help me work better, because it's fast, there are no other problems. I need it work for me. I think it will be a good choice to use it.

I will continue to use it.

I can't do my works without it now. Every thing works great, and have any problem. It really helped me a lot, I can do something that I can't do in normal. I recently found a good design about it, that it can be used in iPhone and iPad. That's so cool, I can use it in different devices. And I can share it for others to use, so do not subscribe twice. This is my most satisfied place. I have now subscribed to this app, and in the process of using it without any problems. I have shared my account to others and there is no problem with using multiple devices. I have to say this is a fast and stable service and I enjoy using it when I need VPN. I'm so satisfied with it. I'll recommend it to others, I said that this is a great choice for people who need VPN. I think they will also love to use it. These are all my feelings about this app.

It’s not bad for the money.

As they say, you get what you pay for. I rated it a 4. Easy 1 min. Registration quickly gets you connected. Nothing more required than your email addy. App remembers your email addy, so you really only need to click the Connect button and type in your “Keychain” (computer login) password to connect. Simple as that. Click the “Always Stay On” (or whatever) button instead of the default app launch button (after you type in your password) or you might be disconnected every 10, 15 minutes. The “always stay connected” (or whatever) button cured the disconnect every 10 mins. It runs about the same speed as your “normal” ISP connection, maybe even a bit faster - I checked via the Ookla Speed Test app - so it’s a fast connection. So, if you’re paying for super duper internet speeds thru your ISP (cable company) you can throttle back down and save some money. It Does disconnect every now and then, even after clicking “Always Stay On,” so the App needs a sound notification to let us know we’ve been disconnected. If it had a sound notification upon disconnect I’d rate it a solid 4, maybe 5. Overall not a bad app!

Doesn’t seem to work….

Downloaded and Installed Unlimited VPN, clicked the Open button in App Store after download and nothing happened. went to applcations folder where installed and double-clicked….NADA. Tried to delete, but am told the app is open. Did a Command+tab to see open apps….NADA. SO. gonna reboot and uninstall. I would say, don’t waste your time.

i paid for a year, but almost no connection

it is worst experience. i paid for a year, but it cannot be connected more than 5minutes each time, and the second try failed. i think maybe the service met some trouble to connect. then the situation should be noticed to customers. and return the rest money to customers. and withdraw the app from the store. don’t lie any more.

never again

the app would connect just find at the beginning but after 10 minutes, it would close itself completely . I constantly had to open the app and connect every 5-10 minutes. emailed tech support and he just tells me “Sorry for the troubles but you should register and account”. So i registered and maybe thought that would fixed the issue but it got worst, now i couldn’t connect at all. emailed tech support again and he said they were having server issues at the moment. been 6 days with no connections so i emailed again to ask them to cancel my subscription before the 7 days trial ended. tech support finally showed me how to cancel subscription after i was charged for 1 month…. pffft


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How to cancel the subscription

App makes it almost impossible to cancel the subscription for the trial period. Hate it Hate Hate it…. This is the only app I hated so much. I spent so much time to find ut how to cancel There was nothing in your account that says: cancel your subscription and they charge $8.99 per 7 days.

How to Connect?!

I just buy a subscribsion for 1 year, and there is nothing when I click connect, and I can not sign in. I click optimal locationand choose one, the purchase page poped up again, and I can’t choose a sever to connect! is that a scam? This is a fake app!!!

I can not do without it.

I use this APP because of other people's recommendations. After I used it for a while, I found it to be designed for people who need to use VPN. It really helped me a lot in learning. I use it on my learning and finishing homework, it can handle my learning problems well.

Great App, but one problem

I used this app in China in order to read some work emails. For the most part the app works great! Super simple, and fast. So I wanted to get the subscription so I wouldn’t get kicked off during use. Well for the life of this application, it can not see my subscription purchase from app store/itunes store. Such a bummer, I was really enjoying it too, I hope the developers address this issue. Once they do, I’ll bring my business back.

I enjoy it so much.

I think I downloaded a very good APP. I feel that the efficiency of my work has improved a lot and saved me a lot of time. I can do anything I can do after I connect VPN by using this app. It is much easier and helpful to use than I thought.

Does Well.

I feel I have to give it a credit for doing such great job. The speed is even faster than some other VPN. The best place for this APP is not arbitrarily broken, very stable. I've got to say, this app is wonderful. It really does what it says.

how do i turn off auto renew?

how do i turn off auto renew? this is not helpful at all.

I like it.

It's a great feeling when you use an app the does exactly what I says it will do. I have used a number of VPNs over the years. It can help me work better. It is very convenient to use, I like how on the app design.

The best VPN APP.

I am quite pleased with this app. Not only is this app absolutely adorable it does its job well!! It's really good app. It is also very simple to use, not too much complicated operation. I think I downloaded a very good APP.

That's great.

I tried to use this APP, I found that this APP is completely different with the VPN app I downloaded before. It's better than others. This app gives me fast and reliable internet, at times the connection can be great and it gets the job done.

Frequent Disconnects - Limited to one country

Tried this app based upon positive reviews. My experience has been very different. After 10-15 minutes many disconnects begin to occur. Also they are noticeable performance lags. Additionally, even thoigh I am on the paid version it is impossible to select any other country’s servers without a prompt to susbcribe to premium services. I cancelled my subscription to this service due to the lack of consistent connectivity.

A variety of options

The VPN provides a dozen countries, let's choose, and every country can link up, and I always look at video, download files, this APP let all of this is not a problem, see a video BuKa, also quickly download file, these countries, let me more selective, connection is no problem, such as Britain, connection soon, listen to BBC radio, it is not too good

Support multiple devices

This APP can let me on the iPhone and Mac login at the same time, in this case, will expand the scope of use, at work, I can use this VPN on Mac, can be used in the iPhone, at home at the same time use the VPN, will not affect our use, also have no wrong, connection speed is so fast, the connection process will also be so stable

Nothing is better than this

This APP is the best APP I used, it will be easy to let me access to other APP, the APP connection speed very quickly, as long as we selected the corresponding state, click connection, can connect within a few seconds, you can access the network, to find what we need, I also use other apps before, not so good performance, I love it

Dont try it

This app is useless I got the 7 day trial but expired in less than a few minutes. Then when I got the 3month subscribtion it wouldnt work. I tried to troubleshoot it at different angles but still havent been successful. I’m gonna try to get my money back. PS. This mojos will charge you the full 3-months if you decided to get that subscribtion. I HATE THIS APP

I will use it all the time

This APP is I used so much APP, a APP, it is best to use after a period of time, I summarized the APP than other APP good place, the first connection speed fast, within a few seconds, can immediately connect to the Internet, access to the network, the second connection process is stable, even if access to the network for several hours, connection will not be easily broken, unless it is disconnected ourselves

Good choice for me

This APP is a good choice, I usually use this APP to access the Internet in other countries, the query something I am interested in, for this kind of products, is my biggest pursuit connection speed, can let me to scan the network, does not affect my use, this APP did so, as long as the selected countries, connect the VPN, immediately show already connected, do not need to wait for a period of time.

Charge every week and charge more than it said .

It charge more than I thought , weekly more than $8.99 every month. It is so bad that they don’t tell you but charge automatically . I know it until I saw my bills, they’ve already charge me $60, I even didnt use it.

disconnects unexpectedly

Was working great durin the trial period but after extended use I have found this VPn to be unreliable. the Vpn disconnects randomly at times and i’m not sure why.

Horrid Service

NEVER connects from my experience - in China. This and most of other VPN services are helpless and the customer service is horrid at best.

terrible!!!I wish I could give ZERO!

In FREE trail version, it works fairly good (not very good if u compare to average) but after I brought 3month pack then terrible nightmare, you can barely get in any severs, no matter HK, JAPAN or other countries. I dont know where other 5 stars comments from, from now on I just want my money back or GET ME THE BLOODY SERVICE WHAT I PAID!!

It’s not good with some popular sites.

It has limited number of operating countries. Brazil, e.g., is not included, and it doesn’t work with Netflix and some other popular sites.

safe and rapid

We may use the network a variety of, and access to the network, may be not safe, for our personal information was leaked, download the APP, the APP will we are in the network environment, into a relatively safe network environment, connect the VPN, you can access the network of other countries, only a few seconds, you can on the network to find the information we need, and so on

can’t cancel subscription

I have been charged twice for the monthly subscription in the past two weeks, despite my repeated attempts to cancel it.

unclear how to cancel subscription

I looked for an hour or so and could not find any way to cancel my subcription after the free trial. I ened up just deleting it off my computer. 1 week later i got billed for the subcription when i didnt even have the app. DO NOT download unless you are intenting to buy the subscription

Quick connection speed

Usually when we're using an APP, because we're going to visit other countries' websites, there's a side focus, how fast is the connection, is the connection process stable? By comparing the other APP, the APP connection speed very quickly, as long as the selected corresponding state, can visit the web site of the country, also did not appear in the process of connecting the phenomenon of interruption, browse the process is perfect

Surprisingly good

After a friend had recommended this app to me, I had become quite fond of its quickness and compatibly. Not only does it allow location preferences, however it's features works just as well as paid alternatives. In my opinion one of the best fee vpn services and also extremely underrated for such an amazing app. I would advise you to give this app a try.

Excellent and very needed app

It's easy to install and use when connecting to any public wifi. I have been using it for about several months without any issues. I appreciate that I can connect to most streaming services. Overall I highly recommend it if you are connecting to public wifi, just be careful about how many application you keep open or it slows whatever you're doing.

You done good job

This app is amazing even when I have slow internet at my house and then I use this app, the internet on my mac is working perfecting fine, that's why I love this app. This ones fast and has great connection. I never lose connection on this app and it stays connected all day. Also barely has any ads. So I recommend it. Keep up the good work!

Excellent choice

This is a brilliant app. It helps me connect to the different varieties of wifi services. I really like this one! I've been using another one of their apps and it just wan't working out. After my friend showed me this I'm so thankful to have it in my life. It's way faster to connect and I would rate 5 stars but I just recently downloaded it.

Simply the best

I just started using the app and I am very pleased with how easy it is to use. Once connected it runs in background automatically. It does the job right and no issues during the necessity. This does exactly what we expected it to do and working seamlessly.Plan to use it all the time as recommended providing the safety and security needed. Thanks for a great app!

Always connected

I like this app because when it's connected it's done and stays connected in any internet speed. I just got it, helpful and genius. I've really enjoyed my use of this product and it has been extremely helpful when working on limited use networks. I wan't allowed to skype,facetime,whats app....with this I can actually talk to my parents and it's easy to use, would definitely recommend.

It's very reliable

I have been using it for a while and It's always working for me.Sometimes for hours and connects very fast and easy, doesn't have that much of ad and I wanted to support it by giving 5 stars, because it's very important for me to have VPN and it's all I can help. I can use it when I need to load things more quicker, it will let you have a 7 day trial to see if you're intersted.

Stable connection

It's a great feeling when you use an app the does exactly what it says it will do. This is definitely the fast connecting vpn. I need this to unblock things from school wifi and it works like a charm. So far this has been a great app, easy to use and to date no complaints. I've been able to check all my social media quickly. This one has provided a reliable VPN.

It's a very good app!

I tried several VPN apps but this is the simplest and most effective. Always reliable when you need it and with a very fast connection. App is really worthy to use. It's very important for me to have vpn. This one fast and great connection. I never lose connection on this app and it stays connected all day. Definitely recommend this app over any other VPN app.

Works well when needed

I'm currently deployed and this app is working like a charm. I'm able to watch whatever I want or use apps that are not allowed in country. this was a good send I thank developers and the ones before me for giving me access to this app. This VPN is fast, stable and reliable. So this app helps so much so that I don't have to use my data. Thanks you!

I can do what I want

It works perfectly in my country that banned everything. This app helps me do a lot of things that I want to do. I can go to other country I can bounce and I can hide my identity just enough to keep the ad people out of what I'm doing. I believe it's one the best services. I wold suggest this app to everyone! it's free, get it a try.

Performs as it should

I love this app. It has all of the key factors that I am looking for in a VPN. It allows quick and unfettered access to any and all websites. The app costs me nothing to use and allow me a sense of security while using the app. I never lose connection on this app and it stays connected all day. Definitely recommend this app over any other VPN app. with great performance. Get it!

Really solid VPN

Tried a few different VPN options, did research on their securities and such....This VPN is the most reliable. also it's noticeably faster than other clients. What I like about this is the fast connection. It gave what it promised and delivered a VPN that's easy to use and efficient. I recommend this app to anyone. It deserves more than 5 stars review.

A wonderful VPN service

I have been using it for a while and it's always working for me. It keep you secure when you are on safari or using your banking. And connects very fast and easy, doesn't have that much of ad and I wanted to support it by giving it 5 stars. I highly recommend this app. It's above the others in term of easy to use reliable and great customer service.

I'm lucky to have this

This app does a great service to people living in or traveling to abroad. I personally havn't encountered any problems with this vpn. Work had a tight and stringent web access and I download this app and now have complete freedom to access all my social media apps and full web access. Absolutely love this app, way better than any other vpn out there...

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